One of my greatest passions in life, is in creating opportunities to give back to the world we live in, while also continuing to grow my quality of life and of those around me. My Vision is to inspire others who may for any number of reasons, feel unfulfilled in their lives and to show by my actions, that there actually is another way. I have experienced incredible happiness throughout my life, but I have also lost that happiness, have hit my rock bottom and have then taken the steps to take control to have that deliriously happy state back in my life. Quite simply, I could not have done that on my own. So let me introduce you to the exact same training platform that got me started and to help you to see what together we can do, to be the happiest version of yourself that you can bein all areas of your life.

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I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland and at the age of 26, I left Ireland to chase after my dream to travel the world. I worked for a cruise line for what I thought would be 1 year, that turned into a 20 year mind blowing career that resulted in me traveling the world several times over...be careful what you wish for right:-).

Having climbed the corporate ladder to the position of Regional Director of Food and Beverage Operations and at the age of 46, I walked away from it all and on my terms, while at the same time being offered a promotion to Associate Vice President for the companys' corporate office in Shanghai.

Had I banged my head?. Not at all. I loved my career with a passion, but there were also so many other desires and dreams I had for my life that I had put on hold for too long and with each promotion I was given, the demands of the job increased and gradually had a negative impact on my overall quality of life.....and of my happiness! Since making that one decision, I have lived on Maui in Hawaii for 2 years, in Naples Italy for 1 year, before moving to Grand Cayman in 2017, where I now live with my beautiful wife Peggy, who I met here on Grand Cayman.

I  am  excited  to  connect  and  to  see  where  we  can  take  Your Journey....together.